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Senior NICU Nurse, Chair of charity trying to reduce numbers of women dying in pregnancy & childbirth in SubSaharan Africa Former Roman Catholic, rebelled in 1986 linked with nursing sick newborn infants. Also agreed with rebellious (only against the church) teenage children. Now have total and absolute abhorrance of RC Church.
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Anger at what is emerging about the Catholic Church, its clergy, its refusal to acknowledge the implications for the victims, its all consuming power borne out of fear, its attitude to contraception, its fear of women and gender equality, its desire for more and more money, its hypocrisy.. need I say more? I could go on and on. My anger brings me to tears
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Catholicism prevented me living what would be traditionally regarded as a "Christian" life. I am more content and able to get on with my life without the asphyxiating fear which Catholicism holds over every aspect of one's life. I would NEVER, EVER return to it.
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  • justin gold

    hey angela,maybe we could have a nice talk over a coffee or tea in cardiff one day,would love to know more about you and the experiences you had in africa,message me anytime. = )
  • justin gold

    hi angela,i was just reading this piece in the paper about what someĀ vicar or bishop said about atheists in wales and someone then had rebutted what he said from a group called the cardiff humanists.have you heard of this group or are you already a member.let me know if you are,as they meet up once a month in cardiff somewhere,I might go to the next meeting,cheers justinĀ 

  • William C. Walker

    Hi Angela, A LOT of Catholics here in the U.S. have 'voted with their feet'. The church ( & parochial school ) I attended as a child is the only one of four Catholic churches within a few miles of each other in Pittsburgh that remains open. They call it consolidation, but that's just another word for empty pew syndrome. I have been a happy Atheist for MANY decades, & will soon depart as one.