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I am an active, 25 year old female who has love for my family, friends, and my animals who does charity work and loves life WITHOUT the confines of religion or Christianity. I'm an artistic individual who loves all things aesthetic and who loves to meet other people and welcome them into my life.
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I have educated myself on several different religions after being completely disillusioned with Christianity due to seeing the hypocrisy and ridiculousness of it all. I would love to get people who I could relate to in intelligent conversation without being judged for my CHOICE to have a lack of religion and believe in what is natural and what I love instead!
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  • Monica McGee (Monicks)

    Thank you for adding me to your friends, Heather. Nice to meet you! 
  • Jack Frost

    Welcome to TA. I feel this site has given me an education, I love it.
  • EricT

    Hello! There is a "Skeptics In The Pub" meeting every month in Flint (put on by CFI). I get invited through facebook, but never go as I live 30 minutes away. I'm curious if you have been to it at all and what you think about it? Thanks =)