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I am a Western New York-based archivist and historian of rare music. I'm currently developing a series of multimedia presentations on experimental music, ambient sound, archival techniques for digital audio, and a lecture on personal media servers for large file libraries. My primary goal is to create a greater public understanding and awareness of 20th century sound art.

A friend has described me as "a Muppet pinata of trivia and usefulness."

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Berlin School, Canterbury Scene, Krautrock, Ambient music, Barbarism, Chance Music, Computer Music, Dadaism, Downtempo, Drone, early Electroacoustic, 50s-60s Electronic Music, Fluxus, Free Jazz, Frippertronics, Fusion, Future Jazz, Futurism, Indeterminacy, Microtonalism, Minimalism, Musique Concrète, Neo-Classicism, Noise Music, Outsider Music, and early Tape Music.

Be sure to visit my vinyl blog at

I'm new to Thinkatheist and just got a groovy new apartment in Kenmore, NY. I'm gathering minions and heretics for weekend fun so if you dig antiquing, used books, records, coffeehouses or talk over a good cup of tea drop me a line!
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I am eager to connect with individuals with a passion for reading, for learning, and for great music.

I've met many wonderful people through WNY Atheists, so I'm intrigued by the concept of a rational skepticism-based social network.
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Read Asimov's "The Last Question" and "The Last Answer" as a child.
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