Samuel Woods


Commerce City, CO

United States

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This is Sam. He loves the outdoors such as mountains, lakes, rivers, and alpine peaks that take more than just walking to get to. There's also other stuff he likes but you''re going to have to get to know him. Especially since he typed this himself in third person and it is hard to convey a lot of information this way.
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To stay in the growing pool of non-believing thinkers while I step out of the spot lights for a while.
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When it came to Mormonism I never believed it. Even when I was baptized I think that's where the true realization to me occurred that I had no faith in this religion or any others. After that it became a roller coaster of trying to believe the lies, finding out about more lies, lying to my parents about believing the lies, and lying to a lot of other people while I was trying to overtly denounce the lies. Over all, I got sick of all the lying and have ended up the person I am today. I'm glad to be free of all that guilt and fear that Mormonism showed me, and that I can live life while trying to uncover the truth in the real world.
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