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Congregational responses sounded to me like a mindless cult. Age 12.

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  • Loop Johnny

    Welcome, Shane.
  • Lara Kearns

    Welcome to the site Shane, hope to see you in the forums

  • Suzanne Olson-Hyde

    Hi Blamer, I live in Sydney. My brother is a teacher in a secular High School, and he has been keeping me up with this. We have a lovely bloke in Sydney called Archbishop George Pell, who has an immense amount of sway with Catholics and in particular the fabulous Tony Abbott. Tony has a cup of tea with George around each fortnight, and George is back of this push to get, not only Morals and Ethics not taught in secular schools, but to push preachers of all denominations into public schools, and to top it off, the tax payer will pay for these people to preach to the kids. But, luckily, morals and ethics are going to be taught in secular schools, so that is a win for us. Religious pratts of all denominations just don't get that atheists, and in the majority of cases, are more 'moral' than frigging christians, and because christians are getting in our face more and more, atheists are becoming more vocal and teaming up. How long have you been in Think Atheist? I have only recently joined. There are some really clever people in this group. The thing about Atheists, is that generally we do our homework, and if we don't know something, especially about the bible, we find out.