Wayne Edgar


Madison, AL

United States

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  • Gaytor

    Wayne, I just approved of your blog, but it's not in the blog section. I'm wondering if we have a technical problem that I need to alert one of the Admins to, or is there a reason that it might be missing that you know of such as you deleting it?

    After reading your blog, I would like to bring up Google is very good at caching this site. So if you don't want your full name to be found by others, you may want to use something different. I personally just got rid of my last name so that it's not prominent.

    Let me know on the blog, it was a good one.
  • Gaytor

    Ah, you've answered the question for me. It will be ready for you to publish when you are ready then. I'm a moderator here and only myself of about 12 others right now would have been able to see it after you selected saving it. It went to a blog approval system that helps us keep out the spammers. It didn't go out to the general population yet. There are 4 or 5 admins who have access to more site activity and control than myself and I was wondering if it was a problem for them.

    I always find the issue of changing faith within a marriage to be interesting. That has to be a challenge, especially with kids.