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Yountville, CA

United States

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Korean War veteran, was an electrician aboard a US Navy destroyer. BA in math and economics from the University of Florida. Married for 6 years to a freethinker, and for reasons too complicated to tell here we chose to remain childless. Retired from computer manufacturing. Running for election to Arizona Legislature was another education; I learned a lot but happily the incumbent won. Now living in SF Bay Area's Napa County and loving it.
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For 16 years I've been one of a very few out atheists at a home for retired veterans. Most here are xians, some of them extremely conservative. Most here are Dems and they give me no flak. They all accept my refusing to pledge allegiance to a piece of cloth; I told them I will discuss the issue when they pledge allegiance to the Constitution. I enjoy the mental exercise I get in conversations on atheist websites.
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When my parents told me I was going to college because I was too lazy to get a job, I threw them and their god out of my life. Several years later I made a peace of sorts with my parents. In April of 2012, in a Toastmasters Club here, I told of my leaving Catholicism for agnosticism and 50 years later leaving agnosticism for atheism. There are many out xians here. Very few try to recruit me; I tell them that but for 12 years in Catholic schools I might still believe one or more gods exist. To the very few who try to recruit me, I say religion is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on humankind. They stop trying.
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When TA was a contestant in the About Contest.

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  • Ed


    Napa County huh? Wine country if I'm correct. I have a small vineyard here in Arkansas. En vino veritas.

  • Ari

    Hey there, thanks for being my friend! :) I start school on the 27th and I really don't know what to do. I'm just going for computer science because I know it'll be useful but don't know if I'd enjoy it. I hope I do so I don't have to change my major, but it's a big risk. It's pretty stressful and scary thinking about it because of the expenses. :/

  • Ed

    Ah yes, we've come a long way since the Prohibitionists marched down the streets garbed in black and carrying placards bemoaning the evils of spirits