Keenan Fry


Lewiston, ID

United States

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Death Metal, (realistically, music in general, I'm just way into the metal right now) skateboarding, and Mr. Richard Dawkins are my greatest influences. Abolition of religion within my lifetime is my greatest dream. I am easily angered at the thought that, without a doubt, some average Joe in america just spent over a thousand dollars to replace a television with no problems while at the same time a child has starved to death.
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Religion is a virus and all I know have been infected by it. I am frightened at the thought so many must be reminded, by translated words of ancient times, to be morally upstanding. I believe religion must cease before this world will know peace.
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Originally, I was tired of being looked down upon simply for not agreeing unquestionably, I always want to know "why?". Shortly thereafter I did research on many religions. Finding them all to be at least comparably insane, and in some cases downright deadly, I realized that the Holy Bible was not the only religious reading riddled with flamboyant fallacies. Knowing this, the only logical conclusion is that there is no God and unless a bearded bastard son descends from the sky for all the world to see, I will maintain that there is indeed, no god.
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Online search, happened upon it.

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