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I am a professional writer and tutor offering my services online. I have been writing professionally for the past five years, mostly research for various clients. During my research I stumbled upon many disturbing viewpoints and beliefs that I felt compelled to write about.
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I began publishing articles in 2009 on a site called Associated Content. Over the course of two years I had most of my articles removed because religious people could not stand what I was saying. Rather than create a rebuttal, they chose the censorship route. I find it appalling that a company would bend to the will of such a small number creationists and cult members. I find it interesting how creationists can seem to say anything they want on many of these social media forums, yet atheists and non-theists are often ostracized. At one point in time, I was somewhat sympathetic to people’s religious thinking if only due to their freedom to practice it. I have in the last two years become extremely opposed to religious practice seeing it more like a cancer growing in our society.

Worse than just creating dysfunctional behavior and irrational thinking, religion and supernatural thinking seem to underpin many aspects of our society. There is a real danger in this reality as these faulty beliefs guide many aspects of healthcare and lawmaking. In the articles I have written over the course of the last few years, I attempt to uncover some of these disturbing trends.

At this juncture, I do not believe it is enough to merely write articles. I am alarmed at the growing numbers of politicians and public leaders who are so willing to believe in asinine religious concepts and would want that for the rest of us. I have always been a loner not wishing to be in groups or dedicate myself to causes, but after my experiences with censorship, the receiving of hate mail, and threats; I believe it is time to unify myself with other likeminded individuals. That is why I am here.
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