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  • luvtheheaven

    Thanks for the welcome! :D
  • Leah

    No problem!
  • a7

    well doner man on the mother of all arguments, you used simple nice direct words in a friendly manner, I have never said this before and your not paying me but I have to say well done man.

    any chance of puttinhg in a good word with the lovelyu young EUreka

    keep safe
  • a7

    fuck man, when I put my foot in it, i really put my foot right in it man. LOL

    I am blaming the drugs as defence man.

    good night sir.
  • Myrre Neuquer

    Hi Dan, can I have a dogtag? Cheers, Myrre
  • Martin Pribble

    I can has a dogtag? WOOF!
  • jerry doyle

    Thank you for the hello.I am checking out the site.And its nice to hear someone welcome newcomers.

  • Alana

    Thank your very much for the welcome :D

  • Dave Schofield

    Thanks for the welcome dude!

  • Arne Biermans


  • Glen L

    Thanks for the welcome.  I belong to a group called ASK (Atheist Society of Knoxville).  Nice to find like minded people. 

  • Rick Yost

    Thank you for the welcome Dan.
    Nice place you have here. 
    Although we're talking about a subject we wish we didn't even have to consider, it's nice to find intelligent people to do it with.
    Nice to be among like-minded friends. 

  • Kenbravo

    Thanks for the warm welcoming Dan

  • JD Stockman

    thank you kindly

  • Kevin Napolillo

    Thank you sir

  • jesse selasi

    Thank you sir,hoping i get to learn more

  • Plaid42

    Thanks! :)

  • Tewari Nerai


  • Angel Cowgirl

    Thank you !
  • Melanie

    Thanx, I'm loving this site already! :)
  • Jonathan Hadel

    Thanks very much. I look forward to conversing with new friends. I'm glad I signed up. Lovin tha site!

  • Kristine Bowen


  • Jenny Galt

    Thank you Dan, happy to be back on Think Atheist :-)

  • Shoko Sanchez

    Thank you!

  • Lucas Miranda

    Thank you for the welcome!!
  • Little Dreamer

    Merci, glad to be there. :) xo

  • David Delburn

    Thanks, Dan. Happy to be here.

  • Sami

    Thanks! ^^

  • Lita

    Thanks Dan, I appreciate the warm welcome!

  • Kelli Conley

    Thank you!

  • João Silva

    Dan, thank you for your very friendly welcome. I hope we can share information about the difficult life that atheists are suffering in all parts of the world. Being an atheist is also being a victim of all any kind of prejudice  end all sorts of nasty comments.I'll share with you an excerpt from the Bibli in which Jesus sends to kill all his enemies.

    Luke 19:27.

    "But those my enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring here, and slay them before me."

  • Madoka Kaname, The one true God


  • Harikrishnan D

    thankyou Dan...

  • Billie Nicholas

    Thank you for welcoming me, Dan!
  • Dwayne Rodeheaver

    Much obliged for the welcome!  New to this site, but it seems like a great community.  Enjoy the week.

  • Pamela Adamson

    Thanks for the welcome..

  • Ahmed Zidan

    Thanks man!

  • Kimberly Willis

    Thank you for the welcome. :)

  • MonkeywithCrayons

    Thank you for the welcome, Dan!

  • Karl Hanks

    Thanks! Looking forward to chatting with everyone!

  • Joshua Weinberg

    Thanks, it's nice to have a similarly minded community.

  • Precizion

    Thank you Dan. I am looking forward to chatting with everyone and making my own choice, instead of being TOLD what to believe. One think I do know is, I don't believe that fairy tail book, bible!


  • Garrett Tipton

    Thanks for the welcome Dan.

  • Khurram Ali

    thanks for the warm welcome1

  • Naoma Foreman

    Thanks, Dan.  Good to meet a like-minded person.

  • Kelly Nicola Loewen

    Thank you, Dan! Pleased to meet you, and very pleased to find this community.

  • David Chase

    Thank "god", for this site!  LOL

  • Cindi Beauchamp

    Thank you, Dan; i really like what i've seen of this site so far!

  • José Camacho


  • Amanda Dallas