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I'm a 28-year-old mommy of a toddler boy in the U.S. Bible belt. When asked what my belief is, my answer is "secular humanist". My position on god varies from god to god. In regards to the named gods, I'm a strong atheist; in regards to an impersonal god/creator, I am a weak atheist. I am also liberal, socialist, vegetarian. I recycle, and I love science. You decide the rest!
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I would like to discussion different topics, keep up with atheist/religious current events, learn new and different concepts and information, and (if I'm "lucky") make some friends. Basically, I'm here to grow as a person.
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I would have never lost my faith if not for an atheist taking the time to expose me to information I had never seen nor considered. Within a month, openly discussing a wide range of subjects such as abiogenesis (which I had never heard of), power or prayer, free will, salvation, evolution, scripture. In the end, I had to admit it was possible god didn't exist. That's all it took.
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