Darrell Johnson


Montreal, Quebec


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Three or four years into a rather painful deconversion process after a lifetime as an evangelical Christian.
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To find a community. To rebuild a new, meaningful identity. To feel like part of a positive-thinking, constructive group of humanists. In short, to try to find some of what I miss from religion.
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  • Kir Komrik

    Hey Darrell,

    Thanks for the compliment. Crazy family story, right?

    - kk

  • Kir Komrik

    Hey Darrell,

    A "pillow stone" is an old tale of a "magical" stone that protects and comforts the bearer. The Knights Templar used them supposedly to sleep on, hence the name. It is shaped a bit concavely and the head fits nicely into it.

  • Kir Komrik

    Hey again,

    I was of course and I don't really have a "pilow stone'. As for the deconversion, I don't know how much of an expert I am but I'd be very happy to help out where I can. There's a discussion right now I think you would benefit from enormously if this is your interests. It's in that group I told you about, Welcome All Adherents and entitled, "How do I know that your god is The One, True God". It is a very illuminating conversation I've developed over the years.