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I want to believe in personal immortality because I do not want consciousness to end in death. But existing religions fall short. They say "You will know after you die." What is the use if you are already dead? I need evidence now, or at least logical proof without letting scripture think for yourself. Atheists being free thinkers might help.
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I think religion is the greatest scourge in the history of mankind. It gives a group the right to kill, destroy and plunder in the name of God. Think :Joshuah, Belfast, Spanish Inquisition, Salem witch dunkings, Crusades, Jihadists, Joan of Arc, etc. It is worst if government power is behind any particular religion. I want to joint the freest thinkers on earth. Together we can save the earth.
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Catholic, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism
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Religionists position that morality and ethics are imposed by an outside Superbeing and not inherent in man. Religionists' belief that only their group is right, and their need to "help" other people to see the "truth" as they see it. Atheists in their broad range of belief and disbelief are the freest thinkers I know. I want to save the earth from religion and pollution. Either will cause the death of civilization.
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  • Epochonaut

    Aliqsandre, have you ever considered sharing your story as an ex-muslim? There are a number of websites where people who have left Islam share their experiences. One is