Wilmington, NC

United States

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The idea of religion is meaningless to me, I feel like others could experience so much more through cosmic understanding and scientific knowledge rather than having the feeling that someones looking over your shoulder and reading your thoughts constantly all your life. The idea of an omnipotent, omnibenevolent god disgusts me. I also enjoy being around others that feel the same way I do, i dont get to talk about this much around where i live because most everyone here is "that type" of christian. I learned how to argue effectively with them and i enjoy the debates, especially when i whip out my knowledge of the bible and they find that when it came to most people, i knew more about their tenants than they did. I guess a small part of me guiltily enjoys spreading doubt.
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Knowledge set me free.
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When i was researching more points of arguement against backward theists.

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