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I'm 50 years old and married for 30 years. My wife considers herself a christian but does not attend church regularly. She knows my thoughts but we don't discuss too much. I have two kids, a son that is 28 and a daughter that is 26. My son hasn't mentioned it but I'm sure that he is an atheist as well. My daughter is married to a christian, and am not to sure about her current status (getting concerned). I have a beautiful 1 year old granddaughter and when the time is right I will be talking to her about my beliefs. Hopefully she will use her natural talents of reason/logic to come to the same conclusions that I have.

I have a BS in Math/Computer Science and an MS in Management. Unfortunately, I also have Multiple Sclerosis which is eating away at my cognitive abilities. Visiting sites like this keeps me as sharp as possible.
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Touch base with others that have similar viewpoints. Expand knowledge of atheism and religion.
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My parents brought me up as a generic protestant (army brat). I really enjoyed Sunday school but always thought of the bible stories as just stories. Nothing ever made sense to me. I always asked questions and didn't like the answers. I would then ask more questions and was labeled a trouble-maker so I began keeping my mouth shut. Luckily, my parents left my religious affiliation up to me at age 12, which I love them dearly for. No more religion for me.
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  • Gaytor

    That is dynamic! My Parents and Sisters are believers, but that's about it. None of them no anything about the Bible, so I'm safe. We got into a debate last summer by the fire outback with beers in hand. An hour and a half later they were out of questions to challenge me on so it was over. One of my sisters called me a Scientologist. Ummm... let me help you a bit with what scientology is. It's all good fun for us now and then. It hurts my Mom to see it though. I've only seen her in church during weddings and funerals, but she clams up quickly on the subject. Long story. Again, welcome to TA! No shotguns needed!
  • Thew

    Yes, I have gotten the "punishment" line before - from the same guy who I spoke of in my blog. He said it was probably a punishment for my pride. He deduced that bit of logic when I told him about all the things I used to be good at that MS had taken from me... My reply to him was, dare I say, the most blasphemous thing I've ever said...
  • John Luikart

    No kidding. Saddly, we are scarce around here.