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Vancouver, BC


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That's a good question, but I don't really know.

Most things in life are atheistic as far as I'm concerned. I don't need a god to enjoy a nice dinner, or to be a good person, to do my job, to scratch a cat's head (et cetera, ad nauseum), so I guess you could say that I appreciate a place where life and philosophy can exist without God being crudely tacked on to the end of everything.

Does that mean I'm not interested in talking about religion at all? No, religion is fascinating (even if sometimes aggravating), but civilized people should be able to hold discussions on the subject matter without relying on a theistic bias.
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  • Christopher McGuire

    Quick question, do you find my post to O'Connell to be 'over the top?'
  • Bryan Schear

    "I think it's best to let them process it on their own..."

    Yeah, I thought that, too, until outside influences started trying to convince him of God and the afterlife as a direct result of my article. Now I ask questions that guide him to seeing the absurdity of their claims. I definitely don't want him to go through the BS that I went through to finally find the truth.

    "I think in most cases, children will have far more questions that the Bible has answers, and many parts, in the absence of apologetics, will appear to contradict themselves and reality as the child perceives it."

    I really wish that was true. They may have the questions but, if they are being raised like I was, they may not be allowed to ask them.

    Thanks for the comments!
  • Bryan Schear

    Ah, ok. Thanks for clarifying. I agree completely!
  • Reggie

  • Shine

    Long overdue on the feature. :)
  • T A A

    Wow, what a lovely writing style you have :)

    I may not always agree with in the words, but I find myself agreeing with you between the lines if that's even possible... LOL

    Don't think of me as a stalker, just very curious to know and read more!
  • T A A

    You were able to reply to a post????
    I can no longer reply to individual comments, my emails no longer lead to comments, and I'm getting no response from HELP :(
  • T A A

    no worries, I was getting annoyed at only being able to personal comment, but I could not message or reply to discussions. My Adblock had been updated and "scorecardresearch" is apparently necessary for NING to function, grrr!
  • CJ

    Thank you  I will.  :)
  • Jacob LeMaster

  • Arcus

    No prob on removing the vid! Didn't know it was already "here". :)


  • David Diamond

    Didn't know if it already existed on the site, that we can't post it to our individual page.  Good to know though!
  • David Diamond

    And I noticed it in the top videos right after I submitted it! I will be more careful next time.  Still getting my feet wet here...obviously!  Sorry about that!
  • Heiko Knipfelberg

    Hi Kris, Thanks for doing that. I'm a bit technically challenged, I was lucky to be able to copy it to TA site.
  • Nathan Hevenstone

    Thanks. I'll post it in the Advice forum, but I wonder if it wouldn't be a better fit for the Theistic Arguments and Debate Help forum...

  • KaraC

    Hi Kris - I have to say I love Vancouver and BC. Hoping to get up there again this coming summer. Thanks for the add!

  • Anthony Tignor

    Hello Kris, I completely understand and thank you for your comment.

  • joel

    Thank you for notifying me.

  • Trevor

    Hi Kris


    Thanks for pulling me up on this.  It is my opinion and I am not trying to wind people up.  I will be more careful with my tone.



  • Unseen

    Thanks for the update. I've been wondering if he had a carte blanche.

  • John Siqueiros

    Well, I can't figure out how to delete that blog post. There was a page showing one of my blogs and I thought I deleted it, but it turned out I deleted an earlier blog I did. So when I go back to editing my blogs, it doesn't show up for me to delete it.

    If any moderator wants to delete it that's fine, no offense taken.


  • Heather Spoonheim

    Thank you for your patience and clear directives.  I will refrain from the direct pejoratives for some time and hope you will be patient enough to offer me another reminder should I fall back into my bad habits in the future.

  • Richard Bohn

    I have been very respectful in my posts and I'm no more trying to advocate my argument than my hostile responders are. But I am not using words like 'deluded', 'dumb ass' etc. This site claims it is trying to change how atheists are viewed-- how about teaching your adherents some respect rather than warning me about something I am doing that all the rest are doing. Perhaps this notice is just the first step in getting am alternative perspective removed from the discussion.