Doug Reardon

67, Male

Loachapoka, AL

United States

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Fat, happy, bleeding heart liberal, who lives in a house I and my wife built by ourselves, We live with our adult son out in the woods. I Work for a grossly underfunded non-profit service organization.
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  • GT

    thanks cobber she's apples
  • GT

    Apologies there Doug yes we are ahead of you here in the south at half way through Monday. Nothing more English (slang that is) than that mate or cobber or friend it's all good or rosey or she's apples. Wouldn't be dead for quids
  • CJoe

    Errr... what? No... you shouldn't a submerse your beliefs to accommodate theirs (whose though?). She definitely, definitely does not advocate that. And neither to I. I'm not very accommodating.

    But... maybe I misunderstood you...
  • Frank Pineau

    For sure.
    12 years of Catholic indoctrination.
  • Gaytor

    Trying to correct the record a bit. That House quote has earlier origins. Ethan Allen "...if ordinary human beings were assumed to be perfectly capable of thinking of reasoning for themselves, the clergy would be out of work."
    Trying to get the word out as it was a founding father that really said this. I'm reading Freethinkers by Susan Jacoby and found it there.
  • Gaytor

    I know what you mean, but anything but it's a small world... damn it! Now it's in my head.