Beth Eileen Zurkowski


Brodhead, WI

United States

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I'm married to a husband and I have a kid. I enjoy, writing, making TV, and Movies, painting and drawing. Making computer games and animation, excersice.I don't know if this is a writer's group but I hope so.
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need a writers group
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  • Beth Eileen Zurkowski

    Oh. How did it turn out?
  • Don

    Beth, you can post whatever work-in-progress or unpublished material you like at a site like this without any concern for copyright protection or first publication.  As a writer and a writing teacher, let me say (I have  mentioned this on the Writers' page), that a much better place for helpful exchange and for general information that you might enjoy having is



  • Don

    Beth, before you make bold to submit your work to the gang at AbsoluteWrite, you will want to spend a good while poking around there to familiarize yourself with the site and with the procedures and protocols. It's a very big site with a lot of members and quirky nooks and crannies.  There may be a minimum number of posts a member must make before she can submit her work--but I may be wrong.  Anyway, spend some time there; see what you can learn and whom you can befriend.