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I grew up in a catholic family, but I began to think there was something wrong in religion when they told me that Santa Claus was an invention. In this respect, why did I have to believe in god rather than in Santa? I wasn't able to understand it, so i started to call myself "atheist" when i was 12, despite being afraid to tell my parents i didn't believe in god anymore.
During my adolescence, after a difficult reflexion, I forced myself to believe, but I had to face even catechism teachers about Darwin's theories (being insulted with statements like "From now on I'll call you 'monkey'!"), and none has ever been able to give me a good answer about god.
In the end, after attending a religious group of young catholics (although being directed by honest franciscan monks), I realized that religion wasn't good for me.
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inability to combine faith and reason

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  • Glen Yoshida

    Hi Ceci, Welcome!

    Glad to hear that you stayed independent enough to keep thinking on your own. It's a weird feeling when the majority of people claim things that don't make sense isn't it?

    That's messed up that they called you a monkey. Especially when they are the ones that are flat out wrong!



  • Robert Karp

    CAIO! Welcome to the Think Atheist community Ceci!

  • Glen Yoshida

    Hi Ceci! I think one of the most frustrating things is having so much knowledge at our fingertips and it's ignored or denied. Being in polite company and feeling like I have to hold my tongue because I'm going to upset people with a false belief is maddening!


    I love that the internet is here and that it opens up a new level of accountability. Now ridiculous comments are there for all to scrutinize or agree with. Let the educated mind be free! Yay for people taking a stand based on reality and kindness :