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Atheist, Anti-Theist (I used to have a live and let live attitude but I now think that religion is a poison to be banished from the world), absorbed with Science, Maths Bsc, Statistics, love best friends & family, thrive on humour, love sport.
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I am here to learn and to share. I discovered ThinkAtheist when I signed up to Twitter and have already gained a lot from both the articles and tweets.
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I was born into a christian family but never believed in a god. I went to sunday school only because they had a football team. I learned about all the different religions and realised that the odds of any one of them being the truth was very small. I am now an unshakable atheist even rejecting deism. Like Richard Dawkins I believe in the theist god as much as I believe in fairies and I reject the deist god because I consider any knowledge of the origin of our universe to be beyond current human imagination, just as knowledge of the galaxies and solar systems was beyond our ancestor's imagination when they believed in Thor, the god of thunder. Religion is based on desire and conviction while science is based on reason and logic.
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    Welcome to the TA community Mike!!
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    Cheers and thanks a lot Mike. Love the music. Cheers, David.