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In answer to the question, "What happened to the people who lived before Jesus came?" He replied, "God understands that they didn't know about him. They were following what they were told by parents and other people they trusted so he has taken them to heaven. But Jesus has come to us, so we must have faith to get to heaven."
At that point I realized Jesus never showed up for me and I was simply believing people I trusted who had never seen Jesus either.
I was about 9 years old.

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  • Brazillian atheist

    Welcome to think atheist, i see you've got some similar questions then i. But i had a much longer list, you are also an ex-catholic just like me. But the difference in the age of becoming an atheist is quite different, i only became an atheist at 18 years old by applying to catholicism the same criteria which i used to other religions in order to prove them wrong