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Egyptian. 20. Feminist. Political views undetermined but starting to lean more towards the let. Living in North America for past decade.Currently student of politics, sociology and religion. Currently questioning faith (Islam). I'm just skeptical about everything and questioning every little thing about religion and myself. I'm also trying to stay somewhat anonymous. I don't want anyone to know that I'm questioning, even in North America being surrounded by Muslim friends and family, the social effects could be hurtful... something which I'm not ready to deal with. So please understand. Aspiring to live and work in Egypt. It's absolutely beautiful, yet utterly chaotic and I want to help in any way possible. I have secretly formed my life around this goal and training myself to be able to live there and make change happen. I've been politically active in North America around Egypt's issue, but starting to get absolutely pessimistic and feeling useless. Absolutely support the revolution. Equally distrust Mubarak, SCAF, the Brotherhood, Salafi parties, El Ghad, El Wafd wel nass betoo3 el massale7. Would love to meet any Egyptians to discuss politics, religion, culture, society, media, gender... 2ay 7aga men ree7et masr w khalass. I'm a big Sheikh Imam fan btw! Love Mashrou Leila, Dina El Wedid, Donia Massoud, Ghalia Ben Ali, Badiaa Bouhrizi, Maryam Saleh, Rima Khecheich...
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To learn more about different views. To find resources that can provide me with information (resources are a lot harder to find than you think). To meet people who are actually willing to talk about existential and uncomfortable questions. To socialize and make friends that I can actually connect with.
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Still questioning religion. I have not officially left, or made up my mind. But the more I research and learn the less I buy from the theological arguments. No one wants to answer my questions and the religious community does everything to avoid the very topics that I need to discuss, like whether the Qur'an that we have today is the original text. I used to be very practicing but I secretly quit because I don't see a point in fooling myself praying 5 times a day when I don't know if this religion is true or if there's even a God. I still wear the veil though, planning on taking it off very soon. I thought that there was some good feminist reasons outside of religion for keeping it on, but can't find anything convincing. Wow I rant... feels good though.
Update: I don't think I should call myself a muslim anymore. I still am researching to have a better understanding of religion, but at this point I really don't think it's true. But I'd still like to learn more...
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  • Judith van der Roos

    Hello. I do not recall chatting tp you before, did we ?



  • Judith van der Roos

    Ok, just was not sure if my faulty memory had lost you !

    Regards, Judith

  • Jerome

    hi Laila ana men alex bas 3ayesh fe UK we harg3 masr nxt month enti 3aysha fe US wla masr