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I'm the mother of four grown daughters and grandmother to a beautiful 3 yr. old girl. I've always been uncomfortable with religion and finally, over the years, accepted the fact that I don't believe in God and that I shouldn't feel bad about it. I have a very eclectic family. My mother was raised Catholic but is now an atheist. Two of my daughters are agnostic, one I think is on the fence about religion, and another identifies herself as Wiccan. My sister, who is 3 1/2 yrs. younger than me, is a Muslim. I believe in allowing one's children to decide for themselves whether they believe in God or not. I always let them attend church with their friends and told them my reasoning behind not believing in God. As a result, they have decided for themselves what they believe and I think they're doing very well with their own reasoning. Despite the varied beliefs in my family, we all love each other and get along very well. We don't let religion get in the way of our family values. I also just want to add that I love animals and nature, do design work that I sell online, and I'm an all-around great person! =0)
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I want to connect with other like-minded people and learn more about what other atheists and agnostics are thinking and doing. I have no problem saying I'm an atheist anymore as I use to. I'm very worried about the direction this country is going with all the religious rhetoric being spewed by mostly Republican candidates in the Presidential race. I hope to see a big change in the US where religion will finally be taken out of politics and our laws...but I'm afraid, for now, that's only a pipe dream.
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  • Suzanne Olson-Hyde

    Remember, no hurry for the tiles in your own time - just the straight gorilla and coffee comment. Do you actually 'do' the tiles - what is the process of getting design onto tile?

    Whatever your  belief in the supernatural is true for you - it doesn't make any difference one way or the other - but I know, I could not be 'friends' with a christian - the christians I have known have been sooo hypocritical, I just would not know when they were lying or when they were telling the truth.


    About xians generally, I don't care what people believe or not believe, makes absolutely no difference to me - it's when xians are violent, evil, kick kids out because they are gay - rip people off who just can't afford it - making pastors millionairs etc, and intrude on  peoples daily lives through politics.

    I am sure that is why this site is growing rapidly. Atheists don't have a church or a meeting hall etc. so we come to atheist sites - and what a boon. Smart, super clever, and sarcastic. And the numbers are growing daily. There are republicans on this site.

    One question was can an atheist be right wing - and out came the republicans - very interesting - but I think most are Democrat or our Labor.

    America has issues, but it is the muslim countries that reaalllly have issues - it's just that America is one of the leaders of the world - western countries follow America, that is the problem.

    Certainly, atheists have different views and different interests. That is why there are so many different groups.

    But we are ONE thing - Atheists - that is the core.

    I love, and it gives me hope, about the protests going on in  Wall St.

    When I was young, about 120 years ago, I did my share of protesting - and protesting did get Australia out of the Vietnam war - so it can work. America is still very strong - some hiccups, even big burps, but everything will be okay in the end.


    Cheers - Suzanne

  • Dennis Weaver

    Certainly, and the same to you. :-)

  • Simon Paynton

    Hi Trish,

    Happy New Year.  Would you like to take a look at this?  I've made a good stab at the Objective Morality theory.