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Norfolk, VA

United States

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I am a student in pursuit of a BA in mechanical engineering and hopefully one day a Ph.D in physics. I look forward to joining in on some of these in depth discussions on life, death, redemption, legacy, and the every entertaining world of religiosity. I was born and raised on the east coast of the United states. I am a pisces, I love the music of Tool, I love sushi and enjoy long walks on the beach ;)
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I enjoy talking to atheists and to people in general who are willing to participate in conversations of a somewhat higher order than the status quo. The physical sciences are required in public school but subjects like philosophy and ethics have been left out of the curriculum. Its a shame because just as science is a description of the physical world around us, aesthetics and the collective axiom of belief systems and metaphysical interpretation describes humanity in relation to the veil of existence and consciousness in which we reside.
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I was raised in the church, and still hold a lot of ideologies that reflect the christian persuasion but the word christian means little or nothing to me. Religious texts are full of beautiful poetry and philosophical tenets for the human condition; but religious practice is more of a guideline for those who lack understanding and in some cases the capacity for abstract thought. I do however consider myself to be a deist of sorts. I try not to judge and I try not to be too much of a cynic. At a certain point it just becomes distasteful.
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  • Ed

    Hi Samuel. Welcome aboard TA. We welcome all perspectives here and hope you can benefit from interacting with us.

  • Ed

    The cruelty of mother nature is certainly in our face. And as emotional creatures we often times have a hard time absorbing the harsh realities of survival of the fittest. Evolution and natural selection are certainly indifferent to the plight of individual creatures. With the invention of supernatural agents humans discovered a way to cope with our world and appease our minds.

    As a student you're probably swamped with reading assignments. When you get some spare time check out the book 'Religion Explained' by Pascal Boyer. It covers the evolutionary origins of religious thought. It will open you're eyes to many things about why people believe what they do. It also shoots down many of the common misconceptions about why people are inclined to be religious.

    If you're not familiar with it "" has a used book section that is an excellent source for finding books on the cheap. I rarely buy new books any more. Of course, you young up and comers are all in to the e-book scene now.....

  • Pac Hybrid

    Hey Samuel Thanks For The Request And Welcome To TA