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Ontario (about an hour west of Toronto)


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I'm a husband, animal lover, moral vegetarian. My wife is an ecologist. I work in IT by day, but that's just to pay the bills. I really don't care about my career except that it feeds me and my cohabitantas at home. I am the debate and presentation co-ordinator for the Grand River Atheists (Kitchener/Cambridge/Waterloo/Guelph area in Ontario Canada). My wife is a fiddle player (almost entirely playing Irish style) and I a Celtic Guitar accompanist (accompanying almost entirely Irish tunes!).
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Isn't that a deep question? From a biological standpoint, I don't remember being consulted on the matter. From a philisophical standpoint, to increase happiness.
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Because it's obviously based on notions that seemed sensible prior to understanding humans the way we do today (philisophically, psychologically, neurologically)

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  • Mohamed Amin

    Hi Michael, first of all, thanks for the welcome, I really like it here on TA. I appreciate your interest, but there’s so much to say on the subject of non theists living in predominantly Muslim countries that I wouldn’t want to bother you with it unless you ask for it! I’d be glad to answer any questions you or other members have, but of course all I can offer is my personal experience and knowledge. I have spent considerable time in both Egypt and Saudi Arabia, so you might say that I have a somewhat better view from where I stand. Feel free to ask what you like

  • Kai

    No, I don't believe I am the same Kai. I only found this site about 2 weeks ago and only joined today. Hopefully my namesake didn't have a bad rep.
  • Bruce Sheiman



    Your comment about my book: I would not expect anything more from a narrow-mined atheist.  And, by the way, you'd get more female action (and be less angry) if you did not lookso much like Fidel.  But, then, atheists are such free thinkers that they do not care to fit into society.  Your atheism (like your beard) is a way of saying FU to mainstream culture.  If you look hard enough in a mirror, you'd realize that your repudiation of religion is a piece with your counter-culture appearance.