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New York, NY

United States

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Student studying physics at New York University, trying to go on to a PhD and work on quantum gravity. I'm also very interested in philosophy and the history of science, both of which I pursue in my own time.

Philosophically I am a Quinean naturalist, a reductive physicalist, a determinist, an atheist, and a moral anti-realist, to cover common concerns. I also will beat you over the head with my textbooks if you are not a B-theorist about time.

I also consider myself politically involved, and am more or less a modern liberal along the likes of John Rawls, J.S. Mill, Amartya Sen, and others. I do not think markets are a priori intrinsically just, but I think that a posteriori a regulated capitalism is preferable. I am personally involved with issues relating to LGBT (I myself am bisexual) and Women's rights, climate and energy policy, and the ever-popular relationship of church and state. I also have an educated layperson's interest in economic policy.

Outside of the heavy stuff, I like music (particularly classical/art music, EDM, and metal), fast cars, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and every now and then a video game.
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Interested in connecting with other like-minded individuals and discussing "the movement," particularly philosophical and practical issues.
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Doctrine conflicted with science, and science won. Once I was old enough to start learning science, my religion didn't put up much of a fight.
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