Melissa Mays


Anderson, SC

United States

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I was born and raised in the bible thumping, holy rolling south and am now raising my daughter here too. I've never subscribed to the christian faith. I'm largely buddhist and have found that the intellectual aspects of atheism coalesce rather well with my faith; as I'm not required to sacrifice knowledge for faith. "Teach your child two things - teach him to be honest and to question." -Ajahn Brahm
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I feel a sense of commonality.. and maybe even a smidgen of vindication.. to be among others who share my dismay over the sheer idiocy of the pious majority.
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..never quite managed to 'get my jesus on' when I was a kid.. just didn't make sense.. and I had no use for such things.
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  • Glen L

    Pictures great.  Love the one about the penis and co pilot.

    Glen from Knoxville, TN