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I recently saw a video on YT that convinced me that the word atheist has been associated IN ERROR with people who do not believe in God, when the word itself only denies theism - a-theism.
The video went on to describe the use of agnosticism, which is "not-knowing" if there is a god.
Since I do not believe there is anyone who can claim with absolute certainty that there is NO God, all one can claim is not being able to know.
I suggest the use of a new word, as far as I know it's new, adeist, for those who believe there is NO evidence for God.
If you claim to be adeist, that might also make you an atheist, unless you practice one of the Eastern philosophies like Buddhism.
I think the issue needs more clarity.
Why are you here?
I want to show support for the Atheist sites.
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At a very early age I saw the hypocrisy of the Catholic Church. I saw all the pomp and frills as a symbol of the glory of man and not of God. So, while I turned my back on the Church, I still believed there was a Loving God.
Then, later in life, I came into contact with several Mormon Missionaries and began to read the Bible and the BOM. That is when I realized that the Books were written by men and not god.
So, where was God to be found, if not in any book?
I kept reading the Bible, but not as the word of God but as a story created by men, and I was able to see its flaws. I also began a search and after reading many philosophy books and books on many religions, seeing many videos on TV and YT, I came to realize that the best that one could believe is that one CAN NOT know God, and the lack of any hard evidence made me realize that God is just a wishful thought and Heaven/afterlife is even more so.
My handle on YT is gjsterp

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