Julie Crum


Knoxville, TN

United States

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My name is Julie. I'm a college student. My major is photography. I love art, poetry, play, philosophy, photography, music and good conversation. I live in the biblebelt so I feel outnumbered most of the time. I'm looking to be friends with like minded people.

I am agnostic and somewhat apathetic. Even if there was a god, I think it would want us to look eachother for comfort and fellowship. I want to break the stigma that comes with being nonreligious. You don't have to have serious flaws in logic to be a compassionate, empathetic person who wants to change the world for the better. Not much of a scientist, but it provides makes for sense than religion.
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I would like to make some friends who aren't religious
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  • Robert Karp

    Welcome to TA!!!
  • Robert Karp

    There are so many groups. I'm not in many  because most of the action goes on the blogs and forums. I run the Christopher Hitchens group and I try to post his latest articles.
  • Glen L

    Are you a member of ASK  (Atheist Society of Knoxville)?  I was just looking for Think Atheist members from Knoxville.  There are about 17.  ASK has over 400 members.