Fort Lauderdale, FL

United States

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Well, I'm Robyn, I'm 27 yrs and I live in south Florida or as I like to call it, hell on earth. I enjoy my life and my new-found freedom from the restraints of my former religion.
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I'm just looking to meet new people who have other ideas and expand "my world" a little more...
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Christian, Catholic
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The control over my life and decisions that affected my core were unbearable. Never being able to question something I was supposed to live by never made much sense to me...
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  • CJoe

    Haha... thanks?! Glad to see you poking around on T|A again. When is JP going to make an account?!! :D
  • CJoe

    I for to be also thinking you are brilliant! Thanking for being friend!!! You are being the best. Dah. 
  • J G

    Thanks babe