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Nome, AK

United States

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I am a skeptical father and historian.
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to network, debate, to make friends, and to help provide high quality content.
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God seemed to be the same type of thing as ESP, big foot, homeopathy, and UFO's and I could no longer justify my epistemological double standard.

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  • Sophie

    Hi Greg! I just started listing to some of the new shows on the new site. Quite an improvement from 5 months ago when I last listened to the show. I am a new fan. : ) 

  • Jeff Sauvageau

    I can't say enough how much you and your podcast have improved my grasp on so many important aspects of life! I've went back and listened to nearly every episode over the last couple months. Obviously you're guests are hugely responsible for spreading knowledge but you're podcast is an invaluable platform for these important ideas that is sadly lacking in our culture. Also, you do an excellent job of asking provocative questions and are extremely courteous in your interviews. Keep up the great work and I look forward to many other shows in the future as well as any other personal ventures you be embarking on. Alright, I'm done gushing :D

  • Christian Giliberto

    Hi Greg, big fan of Ivory Tower Metaphysics and your show here.  One thing I was always curious about was your opinion on Less Wrong.  I can get on board with the heuristics and biases stuff, but what's your opinion on the singulatarianism, what looks to me to be pseudoscience (at least their physics are, their argument for MWI is atrocious), etc.?  You're someone whose opinion I'd consider extremely valuable, because I really don't know what to make of the whole anti-philosophy/transhumanist/SIAI/Oxford FHI etc. package.