Clifford Stanley Heath jr


Flat Rock, AL

United States

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Study to be a pastor years ago , (christian) , Kept looking for truth . Went into Wicca, Satanism, Hindu , and about anything else you can think of .....Its all about control , The day people say there is no God is the day the people in power will tremble in the greatest of fear . Fear control, and religion is fear . If you did away with religion in the world ...well you would solve about 75% of the worlds problems . Look at the world around you , hunger , poverty, war, murder ....well the list goes on . I guess that Jesus thing just didn't take hold like they thought it would .
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Just sick of all the bull-shit , want to share my humor . I live in the bible belt of the south , so my thoughts are not well liked ......Just sick to my stomach at all the years I put in religion ...and money
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Christian, Catholic
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It does not work , on any level . The bible is full of murder hate.........and lets not forget crap
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