David Duvoisin


Los Angeles, CA

United States

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Graffiti, Street Art & Urban activities have completely addicted NadaOne and he has devoted his life entirely and in full to his passion.

European & US representative for the US crew AM7 from Los Angeles, one of the first and oldest Graffiti crew from the West Coast.

Since 2007 he was incorporated to the belgian crew Team Alosta with worldwide members and in 2011 he joined the rank of the recognized and respected french graffiti crew the MAC.

Significant festivals, events and meetings around the globe have collaborated with this autodidact artist.

Considered and renowned for his artistic skills, he has the ability to create unique, original and catch-eye concepts and to reproduce photographic details on a small or extra large area to give life and draw attention.

His works are published worldwide in numerous art books, magazines and websites.

NadaOne makes his living out of creating murals, graffitis, corporate identities, websites, animations, logos, flyers, illustrations, art direction.

As a relentless figurine lover, he has been commissioned by important toy companies to place his design and ideas on their products and he is the creator of the iconic and hard-to-find vinyl toy KID666.

His amazing imagination and original ideas does the rest !
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because there is NO god and I am amused by the herd of believer in an invisible bearded being which would direct the world in the sky…
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My parents and the society gave me a religion to make well with the family, I quickly understood that the church was a masquarade and true gangster institution and that the other "gods" or "religions" brought only war, sacrifices, false hopes and desolation.
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