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I am an atheist blogger living in middle Tennessee. The Bible Belt has provided me with enough angst to fuel a passion for writing and blogging for more than 4 years :)

I am also the new Nashville Atheism Examiner. I'd appreciate if you could stop by one of my articles and leave a comment.
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I'd love to meet more atheists and freethinkers online.
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  • Skycomet the Fallen Angel

    Welcome to Think Atheist! I think you'll like it here! Zombie Jesus Nun Says Hello:
  • Cara Coleen

    So, I lived in Nashville for three years... as a Christian. Now that I'm atheist and have friends that are still there (who try to talk me into moving there), how awful is it to be atheist in a place like that? Are you able to connect with local atheists or are you all you know of?