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New Zealand

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Short Answer: God is unneccesary.
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  • JackRussell8888

    Nice to have you on ThinkAtheist

    I love to help people deconvert, work with recovering religionists, post funny jokes.
    Most recently: "Showdown God vs. Star Trek Q" and all kinds of interesting atheist stuff.

  • Esam

  • Eoganacht

    Thanks for the add
  • Eoganacht

    It's good to see other Kiwis on TA
  • Gaytor

    Hell yeah I accept. Great response to my last post. It's interesting insight.
  • Tommy R.

    Thanks Matt!
  • NakkiNyan

    I agree, just hard not to rattle his chains.
  • NakkiNyan

    seems Trev ran out of arguments and only has personal attacks left, shame.
  • Rhysun Ewen Gorey-Twisten

    thanks for accepting :D
  • Gaytor

    Matt, I'm going through the video approvals and we have the one that you have put up already. I'll feature the old one to get it in front of the class again. It's pretty funny. Thanks for contributing so much too. It seems that every time I walk into a topic, you've already been there with good info.
  • Jason Paisley

    World AIDS Day.
  • Maya Bohnhoff

    You're welcome (for my replies on CommonGround). You ask good questions, so thank you for those. :)
  • David Kenneth Craggs

    Thanks for accepting :)