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I'm an atheist, and my family and friends have known this about me since 2004. I actively assert that atheism is not a religion (even though you can often pick it as a religion in drop down menus), but rather a general term to describe people who lack a belief in a magical god or higher power. I do my best to lead by example to show those around me that an atheist is not a evil person that should be feared or put down.
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Hoping to find more atheists who don't find anger, pointing fingers, and calling names to be valid forms of communication with theists.
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I wouldn't call it my religion, more the religion of my family. I no longer follow this religion for a variety of reasons. I struggled with several contradictions early on. I was taught that Catholics were right and everyone else was wrong, and I simply couldn't see this or live this in my relationships with my friends. I also remember getting very angry in the face of open and accepted discrimination (I first understood this on the issues of women's rights and the treatment of children). In college, my eyes were opened and my fears allayed. Once I realized that a lack of belief in god didn't automatically make me a bad person, the transition was easy. Ultimately, I now find that life and love are beautiful. I think that we're all more alike than we realize, and I refuse to find more ways to divide myself from others.
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  • Adam

    Hey no problem. Hope you had fun wine tasting.

  • Adam

    No problem, Im doing well, hope you are too.

  • Adam

    Colleen Im soo sorry! I didnt even see you messaged me. I have soo busy, I work 17 hours a day, about 80 hours a week, that I have no time. I have been in some hard core training. How have you been? Did the wedding already happen? Tell me all about it