Melody A. Rogers


Waxhaw, NC

United States

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18 years
Lots of learning.
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When I really thought about it, I had no need for a god, or any kind of faith for that matter. I love reality and the world the way it is; its irrefutable facts just point in a godless direction in my opinion and I am okay with that!

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  • Ken Hughes

    G'Day Melody,

    I went to college in Gastonia and drove through Waxhaw a lifetime ago.  I'm a Leaksville, now Eden, NC native who lives in Wise County, TX, but who longs to be back in NC or at least VA.  I would like to found, start, inspire, whatever, a group of Tarheel atheists to assemble on this great platform.  I've have a few atheists friends in this area and we get together often to commiserate about all the bible-pounders and holier-than-thou arshlochs with whom we mus deal in everyday life.

    I am a very open atheist and you spoke of having a close friend who is a fundamentalist christian.  Here's one for ya'; my NC hometown bride for the past 45-years is exactly that and then some; however, we have a very successful marriage, two successful children and 7 happy grandchildren.  How's that accomplished?  Mutual respect and a complete understanding of the First Amendment.