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Single mom. College student. Secular humanist. Agnostic atheist. You'll have to excuse me, I need to rinse off the glue now - so many labels I've just placed on myself, I've begun to feel quite sticky.
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It would be nice to have conversations wherein I don't have to hear "Well bless your heart." or "Have a blessed day." or "What church do you go to?" and the like.
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I became disgusted with the way self-professed christians behaved and decided I wanted nothing to do with them.
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  • Ashli Axtell

    Hey there!

    It's definitely nice to see more of us around. This is a fantastic place. I don't post here a lot, but I read here all the time. Nice to see ya! :)
  • Galen

    Hey, good to see you around. There's a few of us Maconites on here. You should also join the Georgia Atheists and Agnostics group.
  • Joli

    I see you are from Macon GA, that's cool I have family that lives there :) not atheist of course lol but they live there :) you should look into what Galen posted on your wall, it may help you alot