I'll tell you what you did with Atheists for about 1500 years

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  • dr howard davis

    Yes true,but 50 million believers lost their lives because of faith in Christ! There are misguided so called false Christians-to be condemed- as well as misguided atheists like Stalin and godless communism.

    O'Hare as she was wont to do exaggerated (while she stole money from her own organization).Even if one atheist was persecuted though it was evil and wrong -wrong!!! There were very few atheists.

    Her son said she was apt to make exaggerated statements to raise interest and donations of which she was well supplied.

  • Stephen Walski

    O Hair... again you fail at names.. was never proven to have taken any money and the money that was supposedly hearsay from a former employee was never found or even found to be missing.


    Her son was a baptist preacher with an ax to grind.


    For crying out loud you try to push yourself off as a historical expert in one thread and in two other make completely nonfactual statements in another two.

  • Michael

    @dr howard davis Do you have any idea what it means to be intellectually honest? First you slander O'Hair then you use the tired old argument about Stalin's atheism. You leave out the fact that Stalin's Russia was just as dogmatic as any religion and in no way exemplifies the philosophy of the majority of atheists. Stalin did not commit his crimes as a result of atheism. Atheism did not provide him a logical pathway to torture and murder people the way religion does to people who believe they have a divine warrant to do these things. "False Christians'? Really? And who would these false Christians be exactly? Anyone who does not think like you? The truth is all it takes to be a Christian is to confess belief in Jesus and the resurrection.  You also leave out the fact that many of those Christians were killed by people of their own faith or people of other faiths. The damage done by religion and its history of impeding progress is unrivaled. Maybe in your next response you can include a little truth and/or originality.