The Founding Fathers are tired of your bullshit.

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  • Zombie Atheist

    I was unfriended by someone on facebook for correcting him on this. It was a real shock and sting to me...
  • Tina

  • James Cox

    Dear Folks:

    Does anyone here remember the 'Moral Majority'?

    Fun times early 80's. I expect that the 'moral majority', as a concept, merged or became synomous with the 'Religious Right'. Their attempt to create the 'big lie= America as a Christian Nation' as a way to normalize an extream right political, moral, and educational position is still with us. I remember a statement 'people are more likely to believe a lie they hear a thousand times, than the truth they hear but once'. Sadly, we must continue with our message, else the conditioned lie will prevail.

    I expect that the 'we are the 99%', a common chant from the Occupy movement, could have a similar effect, but atleast Occupy seems to have its heart in the right place, on the left..;-).