I am sorry if my atheism offends you...

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  • Thomas Marshall

  • Strega

    @Thomas Marshall

    A condom will achieve similar results without surgical intervention.  Here is a contradictory article on the benefits of keeping an intact penis

  • Lisa Wills

    Why doesn't anyone ever mention male genital mutilation. Just as heinous, just as ridiculous.

    Points up..this is true as well..If i decide to have kids and I have a son unless it is medically needed.And yes it can be I know a couple who had a baby boy whose foreskin needed to be removed because it was interfereing with his ability to urinate. But if I have a son..I will not get him circumcised.

    But I did have someone say to me one day. You are choosing not to have kids? You are wasting your life. If god wills it then you should have children. How is the contents of my uterus the business of anyone especially the magical sky wizard? I could not give two shits about gods will. I have my own will thank you.I am also not going to make my 7 year old step son go and sit in a room with people listening to them talk about the invisible man that will send you to hell if your bad..I just got him to understand that theres no such thing as monsters under the bed and in his closet so i am certainly not going to fill his head with storys of some man in the sky who will punish him.I would rather have my son think "If I am bad Lisa or Dad will send me to my room." So if it offends people that I want my son to be able to be a good person because its the right thing to do not because some random book written by a bunch of dead guys they can merrily suck my nonexistent cock.