No I do not respect your religious beliefs

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  • Diane

    It is gratifying to know that others feel this way.  Out in my everyday world I do not run into these sentiments often. 

  • Jenna Garcia

    I really like this and absolutely agree...with two exceptions:

    The lines "I do not respect your 'right' to tell me I am an evil person" and "I do not respect your 'right' to tell me I am going to hell" seem to contradict the line "I respect your right to express them". While I certainly disagree with those messages of hate, it is their right to express such feelings. Personally, I think it is in the favor of atheists, because the more religion is associated with the hate and ignorance it propagates, the sooner it will be seen for the archaic belief system that it is.   

  • Jim Smith

    Respect must be earned, not demanded.  When respect is demanded it shows that the person/organization knows it it not deserved but they want the perks that go with it anyway.