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  • John Cook

    The only commandments we need are:

    1. Be friendly with others.

    2. Treat women respectfully

    3. Don't be a dick!

    I think that about gets it.

    If you actually must have a list to remind you not to lie, steal, and kill, then you may have a dangerous psychological problem. Social and cultural knowledge-as well as accent is innate.  We automatically learn it growing up. No list is ever necessary. "Don't be a dick" pretty much covers everything, doesn't it.

  • H3xx

    @John Cook

    Not everyone is that smart. Sometimes you have to define the term "dick."

  • Ron Humphrey

    When I was teaching high school,  some of the other teachers wold pass out a long list of rules for their classroom.  I never saw the need and would tell the students that I only had one rule.  Treat each other as ladies and gentlemen.  Enough said.  I rarely had a problem.