Never thought of it that way. But true!

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  • Cathy Cooper

    The above graphic illustrates what is known as "Cultural Relativism. " i.e., Cultural norms and values derive their meaning within a specific social context, and this applies to everything from religion, to food to how we treat each other etc.  In Hindu society for example, less than 200 yrs ago widows were burned alive on their husband's funeral pyre because it was culturally acceptable.  Not today however.  We can only hope that Christianity too will eventually stop being practiced because it too brings about negative consequences.

  • H3xx

    @Joshua D

    I was born in the Southern United States. My Parents Took me to a Primitive Baptist Church. I suffer from a hereditary chemical imbalance in my brain which makes me prone to depression and suicidal thoughts.These began around puberty, and my parents told me that god was telling me that I had sinned, and that I had to pray to god for forgiveness. For years, I believed that God was punishing me for a sin that I had no idea of. When I learned that my depression, and the voice of god telling me to kill myself and others was merely a genetic defect in my brain, it became clear to me that god can't possibly exist. One, the god that you Christians claim is so all loving was telling me to hurt myself and others. Two the doctors have medication that allows me to not have these thoughts, and by knowing what the true source of these destructive and horrible symptoms, I can cope with them and lead a productive life. So, in My case, my environment began as Primitive Baptist. My experience and critical thinking led me to Atheism.

  • Ron Humphrey

    How can any thinking person not see that where you are born determines so much of your life.  For teenagers, being born in the United States means you are automatically connected to a phone for much of your childhood.