You just got to love the Brits

  • Tom Pep


    Don't mess with us Brits, we got cabbie's on our side, you won't find a more intelligent and quick witted bunch.

  • Strega

    Cackles - fantastic

  • Matt Thomas

    Firstly there was music long before the time of mohammed, yet even if that was the case why can't we have music now. Did mohammed teach his followers that music was a sin? If so the guy was a douche bag and should be forgotten. If not then listen to whatever you like. Nice move taxi driver.

  • Doug Reardon

    The Church of Christ does not allow musical instruments in their services because the bible says: "Make Ye a joyful noise unto the lord."  Somehow, this is a big deal for them.

  • SteveInCO


    And yes Matt is correct, there was music long before Mohammed was fucking underage girls.  It's even possible to locate our best reconstructions of ancient Greek music, which predates Xianity.  And many of our modern musical instruments have origins lost in deep antiquity.

  • Dean Newman

    just illustrates the non acceptance of many cultures of "when in rome, do as the romans do" . same in the case for foreigners in saudi and other middle eastern countries, follow customs that may counter your own beliefs or face the consequences.
  • _Robert_

    By order of the prophet
    We ban that boogie sound
    Degenerate the faithful
    With that crazy Casbah sound
    But the Bedouin they brought out
    The electric kettel drum
    The local guitar picker
    Got his guitar picking thumb
    As soon as the Sharia
    Had cleared the square
    They began to wail

    Now over at the temple
    Oh! They really pack 'em in
    The in crowd say it's cool
    To dig this chanting thing
    But as the wind changed direction
    And the temple band took five
    The crowd caught a whiff
    Of that crazy Casbah jive

  • Ed

    If I was the cabby I would of turned around and said "Radio silence is an extra 100 quid."

  • Strega

    Yeah Ed, but our cabbies like to say, "Fuck off".  And they like the opportunity to do so, grin.  Seek and ye shall find :)

  • Dale Headley

    Very funny - something about which both a Christian and an atheist could share a laugh.  But what if the cab driver were an atheist and the passenger a Christian?  Would it have been considered equally appropriate and funny to both if the cab driver had disgorged his fare and suggested he could find his way on faith alone?  Probably not. 

  • Strega

    No, the law of the land regarding a London taxi driver is that he cannot refuse to let a customer in his cab if he has his light on - but he can disgorge his passenger at any stage if the passenger gives him cause.  This is so vague in real terms, that nothing is ever done when a taxi either sails past you without stopping when you hail him, or conversely tells you to leave his cab if you are doing something 'unreasonable'.  Black cabs have their own weird code of conduct.

  • Strega

    You may be absolutely correct Kris, morally ethically and legally - but I'm guessing you're not familiar with London cabbie mentality, or the Londoners comfortable acceptance of it.

  • Reg The Fronkey Farmer

    All right Strega luv! – I reckon that cabbie got the right hump with that Muslim. There ‘e wos in the back of my fackin’ cab givin’ it large into my King’s Lear. No way mate was I havin’ that. So I told him I did! I told him good and proper to get the fack out of it mate. Though he was havin’ a laff. No facking way mate. Ger out of it. I opened the Bobby Moore for him I did. Not in my cab. I still have the ump and he is gone lookin’ for a camel with two off ‘em. Ha! whose fackin laffin now mate. Dropped him in the Elephant to find a fackin Camel. The dozey git! Cheers darlin’. Now where’s me Chas and Dave tape?

  • Strega

    For Reg, with tumultuous applause!!!

  • Reg The Fronkey Farmer

    Confession - I lived for 5 years in old London town and 2 of them down the Elephant. While working as a research economist in a university I also moonlighted as a hackney (cab driver) for a little while.

    Nuffin like proper cockney spoken with an Oirish accent lol.