Best Nativity scene ever

  • Gallup's Mirror

    Love it. But...

    There should be a Lego brick in the crib. Lego is the greatest possible toy. Therefore, by definition, Lego is the god of the toy world.

  • Reg The Fronkey Farmer

    I hope there is pleanty of ink in the color printer in work.

  • Gallup's Mirror

    I'm fascinated by the concept of a Human/Betazed hybrid --

    Troi is one herself. Her father was human.

    Wanna see my rubber Spock ears?

  • Gallup's Mirror

     that makes their baby only a quarter Betazed.

    Well, that depends. Was this an immaculate conception? If so the brat is 100% God. Women never get the credit for anything in religion.

    What if I told you a scene of mine, taken from a script I wrote for Star Trek: DS9, was used in an episode of Star Trek: Enterprise? 

    Nah. Never mind. I wouldn't believe me either. So I won't tell you.

  • Gallup's Mirror

    As the man once said: fascinating. How did you come to be there?

    Enterprise started out as a snooze. The pacing was awful. In the old Star Trek, they beamed down in seconds. The story pressed forward. In Enterprise, there were long scenes with space suits, space walks, little shuttles leaving the ship, and looking for places to land.

    I was making fists in my hair wondering why the producers thought we'd care to watch the cast commute to work over and over every week. Why not dedicate an entire episode to watching each cast member take a dump in zero gravity? 

    Then, slowly, it got good, They started using the transporter to go places.The story moved. They did interesting stuff. They said interesting things.

    Then it got really good. The temporal cold war. In a Mirror, Darkly. Fun stuff!

    Then it got cancelled. I think they blew it early on with those plodding episodes and shed too much of their audience as a result.


  • _Robert_

    If we all stay real still, maybe the T-REX wont see us. Anyone seen Robin?

  • kOrsan

    Robin is probably busy redecorating the batcave he just inherited.

  • Gallup's Mirror

    Anyone seen Robin?

    He's probably out looking for Batman's missing briefs. Superman is missing his as well.

    Someone is stealing superhero undies. It's gotta be the Joker.  

  • Gallup's Mirror

    I see Wonder Woman has lost her undies too. Luckily she managed to get some pants on first.

    I think they  both got costume revamps - I mean, 1938 to 2012 is a long time to wear your boxers outside of your costume.

    Or to wear a costume consisting of underwear and nothing else. Wonder-Woman was created by a man during World War II and illustrated essentially as a pin-up girl. 

  • Gallup's Mirror

    At least Wonder Woman retained her greatest power of all: the ability to fight crime in high heels.

    Coming back to Star Trek: Seven of Nine has this power too! 

  • Gallup's Mirror

    Ya think maybe we're getting a little off-topic?

    Oh, right.

    There, that should do it.

  • Gallup's Mirror

    Behold the Son of God in cocktail wiener form! No doubt, the three wise wieners came bearing gifts of mustard, relish, and ketchup.

  • Gallup's Mirror

    Impossible. I'm totally sane now, thanks to my aluminum foil hat. 

  • Judith van der Roos

  • Hannah F.

    Dear first page,

    Betazed is the planet. The people are Betazoids.