If Prayer Worked Why Would You Need Doctors?

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  • Pac Hybrid

    Oh My Science The link!

  • Melvinotis

    I grew up Christian Scientist. According to the church precepts, in most cases you should be able to heal yourself by prayer and getting closer to your heavenly version of yourself. It does kind of work as a reverse hypochondria, but in practice every member of my church ended up in a doctors hands. My brother and 5 sisters were born at home rather than in a hospital, but these days I just consider us lucky nothing bad happened.

  • Pac Hybrid

    According To Science Prayers And Belief Are Dangerous To Our Brain, It Makes Mental Reaction And Loses It's Potential Of Thinking Power. People Depends On This Hoping That It Works But Actually It Makes Your Brain Psych And They Get Seeing An Illusion. It Feels Like It's Kind Of A Addiction Like Drugs. After Several Research This Mostly Seen This Cases In India. Even Some People Died With This Beliefs.