The woman in our countries..."Arab countries"

The woman in our countries... If she doesn't get married.. she is a spinster If she does get married.. Is she pregnant or not yet? If she has a girl.. hopefully the next one is a boy If she has a boy.. try your best and get him a brother If she gets him a brother.. she is a rabbit If she gets divorced.. something is wrong with her If she gets widowed.. she is a bad fortune If she gets married again.. she is shameful If she doesn't.. something is definitely up And if she dies.. good riddance!

  • Brazillian atheist

    Good to see more criticism about islam, sometimes i think people focus too little on it, it is a religion far more dangerous then christianity

  • SteveInCO

    I agree that mainstream Islam is far worse than all but the most ridiculous versions of Christianity extant today.

    The reason for the lack of emphasis here is that most people on this forum don't live in places where islam is in their faces.  I do hope though that we NEVER forget it's out there.