Another Senseless Death

Recently, a girl in my hometown died in a car crash while being dropped off at a friend's house. She was 16, an allstar athlete, and straight-A student. I'm so sick of people trying to justify horrible events by saying it's "God's plan". It makes me throw up.

  • kris feenstra

    In my eyes, "God's plan" also seems like running away from reality. I worry that people don't actually deal with their emotional suffering when they do that. It seems unhealthy to me.

  • Tammi L Coles

    I have myself been very, very angry about "God's plan" comments.

    Nevertheless, was anything really served here except to move a heated and ongoing debate on theism to the center of what was meant to be a sincere expression of condolences?

    I haven't found these approaches to be very good for me ... except as a reminder to my circles that I am an atheist and find such a god-model to be loathsome.

  • Nathan Kapusta

    Tammi; if someone said something that ignorant and offensive and wasn't backing it with a religious belief, I highly doubt you would be singing the same tune. If you think that was bad, you wouldn't even want to see what I would say to them if the victim was closer to me.

  • Doug Reardon

    It's just god's plan for you to feel this way and to express yourself like this.

  • Diane

    I have had some hideous things go on in my life and several theists have seemingly intimated that these things will keep going on until I convert.  More reasonable ones have said that bad things will happen, but if I believe in the Lord, I won't be alone with it.

    Either way, it pisses me off.  I cannot have the faith they say I need to have in order to be shown that their deity exists, and there are times when I could use some kind of faith in something.  I just believe that there is no supreme being overseeing my life and willing or able to make things happen or not.

    And I really dislike the part about, "God never gives you more than you can handle."  If there is some deity out there giving me the constant and unrelenting trials in my life, it can go get bent.  

  • SteveInCO

    Clearly the people that god allowed to starve to death, or drove to suicide, got more than they can handle from him.  Ergo it's either a lie or doG does not exist.

  • Michael

    Why are we here? Who did we get here?, Physicist say that we were created out of nothing from the big bang. Forget about all the details in between. We came out of nothing, miraculous!.

    Is that such a big leap from a God coming out of nothing from Eternity, once again ignoring the details

  • Akshay Bist

    @Michael - Why is god here. Where did he come from? Why did he create the universe? Why did he create humans? Why does he want us to love him and pray to him, and why does he want to punish us for stuff? Why does he not provide any proof of his existence?

    Many theists say that god always existed, didn't need to be created, that there was nothing before god. Why is it so easy to believe in an always existing without being created god but not in a similar universe?

    You see how we could keep going around in circles with this argument?

    Using the uncertainty surrounding the beginning of the universe to support the claim that there is a god isn't a really smart thing to do, so full of holes.

    Modern Physics has been around for a tiny tiny, minuscule fraction of the time the universe has been around for. 13,700,000,000 years versus what, a few hundred years? Will take some time to catch up with all that has happened during that period. Just because they don't have the answers today doesn't mean they won't ever have the answers.

    Saying that because you don't have the answers, god, isn't a very convincing argument.

  • Nathan Kapusta

    I bet some beings closer to the edge of this universe, or in an alternate universe, have the answers... MAYBE THE HISTORY CHANNEL #2 IS RIGHT AND WE'RE ALL JUST AN ALIEN EXPERIMENT. I sure as shit think that's more plausible than a bearded white dude in the sky D:

  • Nathan Kapusta

    ... not much more plausible... but definitely more.

  • SteveInCO

    Well Nathan that depends.  Maybe the alien thing has one chance in a quadrillion (a one with 15 zeros behind it, leastwise if you follow US nomenclature for big numbers) of being true.  The man in the sky has zero chance.  One in a quadrillion is not much greater than zero, so yo can say it's "not much more plausible".  On the other hand if you divide 0.000 000 000 000 001 by zero (and watch your calculator bitch that you can't divide by zero) you will see that it's infinity times more plausible.  So use whichever way of assessing the increase will be most impressive.  :-)