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  • _Robert_

    Yeah, god gave jesus a few days off. When jesus went to hades, it was the best three days of his life. I remember going into a trance while saying rosary. If us 3rd graders got too unruly,we got to say rosary until the bell. And just in case you "lost" your beads, they had "glow in the dark" backup beads.

  • Louis

    Aside from the confession stuff, I always wondered the same thing about church altogether. If every Christian is free to own a bible, read it and pray then what's the purpose of church aside from weddings and funerals?? I never understood the purpose of having a priest "preach" to you what's inside one book that everyone can read as much as they want on their own anyway. 

  • archaeopteryx

    A lot of reasons, Louis - reinforcement, entertainment, community consolidation, socialization, companionship, courtship, mostly social reasons. As for the "preaching" - it's because they feel some parts of the Bible require interpretation, something someone more expert in the field, a minister or priest, might be more capable of doing.